(mobile) Tiny houses


vanderbrug.net is founded in 2014 and specialised in 'off grid' living. The main activity is the building of mobile (tiny) homes, but I also supply and install off-grid energy systems.

My background is naval engineering (university of Delft) and more than 10 years off-grid experience in the Caribbean and Crete. In Crete my wife and I have build our house and rental studios on a remote plot at the southcoast of the island. More info on the rental studios can be found at 'kapi-crete'.

Now that our house and studios are ready I have been using this and previous experiences for various projects in Europe.

(mobile) Tiny houses

This activity started with the design and construction of our 'schaeferwagen' (see 'Crete'). The design is based on a type of 'caravan' used by German shepherds, adapted for modern comfort. ;

All mobile tinyhouses are designed in-house, and build on location. For more information see '(mobile) Tiny houses'.

OG Lab

The design and installation of off-grid energy systems is based on over 10 years off-grid experience, both on land as for yachts. More information can be found at 'OG lab'.


Pieter van der Brug
E-mail: pieter@vanderbrug.net
Tel: +31 617 124 107